Here at Lancaster ranch we love it when people are passionate about horse cutting. We’re so excited for this new podcast launch by Cody, Collbran, and Kaden! Check out the show here:

Podcast Description:

Welcome to the Section K Podcast! The ultimate cutting horse podcast for the ultimate cutting horse enthusiast! Cody, Collbran, and Kaden are three young cutters that share a passion for cutting, sports, and conversation.

This podcast will bring you discussions on everything cutting related from current events in and out of the arena, to interviews with cutters all over the country. Our goal is to keep the cutter informed from all over the country, especially those outside of the Cutting Capital, and hopefully entertain you with our views, opinions, and knowledge (or lack therof).

As well as cutting you’ll also hear some fun conversations about other western equine topics, sports, and other current events in the world. So, sit back, relax, and listen to us shoot the breeze. Enjoy The Ride!

Podcast Link: