We have a first class cutting horse boarding facility. Our stalls are spotless and roomy. We have a number of ranch hands on staff that will provide excellent care for your horse and make sure it is fed and exercised daily. We have a hot walker and a covered free style walker so your horse won’t get wet if it’s raining. We also offer a turnout/grazing areas for the horses. We have a fly spray system to keep flies at a minimum. If your horse needs some refresher training, we have a trainer on staff to evaluate needs, and assistant trainers are available to work with the trainer. It’s often necessary for the trainer to watch the cutting horse move to identify an issue. We have grooms on staff that will bathe and brush your horse at one of our two wash areas, to keep its coat at its best, and a ferrier and veterinarian on call at all times.

We welcome all outside cutting horses including youth cutting horses. We can help with training and developing schedules for shows.