There are few things more exciting than becoming “one” with a thousand-pound horse and anticipating the moves and grace, then feeling the responses of a well-trained cutting horse.

A cutting horse needs to be quick, yet stay quiet, to show well in competition. In cutting competitions, the rider must appear “to be going along for the ride.” Even the posture of the rider is known as the “Cutter’s Slump.” This posture is very different from other forms of horse showmanship, in that, the rider’s back must appear slightly bent and relaxed, never rigid. Further, your hands never move the reins. Any cues you give your horse are done through your thighs, knees and heels.

Lancaster Ranch has built it’s sale fitting foundation from the halter horse business, which has enabled it’s horses to be sold for higher amounts, providing a higher return on investment.

Lancaster Ranch will get you ready for any horse sale nationally. Lancaster Ranch has been recognized in the Quarter Horse News as having high selling horses as well as one of the largest buyers of horses in the last 5 years. As a producer of winning horses, Lancaster Ranch knows what it takes to have one fit and looking the part.

Lancaster Ranch has had earners of over $2M.

If you are new to cutting, we will teach you all the techniques you need to show well, during the fitting. On top of all the fun riding, you’re getting exercise to boot. Riding is also a great stress reliever and keeps your mind clear.

Here at Lancaster Ranch, we offer programs that allow you to try a wide varity of cutting horses before you buy. We will take the time to match your desires to a particular horse, as well as give you the training, that will satisfy all your needs in the show ring. We also offer programs for children, if your child wants to show.