Along with training our own cutting horses, we will work with you and your cutting horse.

Lancaster Ranch offers full training of horses for all rider skill levels in horse cutting. Colts are started correctly; they are ridden daily in a variety of situations. Training is available for horses through all their mental and physical stages. And Lancaster Ranch can provide a proper home for your horse.

Our clients always come first and if your horse develops a habit you don’t like, or if you find you need some instruction we are available to help. We have an impressive list of equipment to facilitate training and retraining. This list includes:

A Computerized Mechanical Cow which is the ultimate in training equipment. It stops, turns and accelerates just like a real cow and we have one in the indoor arena that runs a life size plastic cow. You have to see it in operation to be truly impressed! Al Dunning has even written a book on using a mechanical cow and highly recommends them. We have an outdoor arena, an indoor arena, round pen and of course real cattle. Come check us out so we can discuss your needs!