Lancaster Ranch


As one of the top cutting horse facilities in the country, Lancaster Ranch offers a wide range of horse sales.

Lancaster ranch sells cutting horses, reign cow horses, ranch sorting horses, team pinning, and all disciplines that require a horse to have a lot of cow. We provide an infrastructure for a solid trained cow horses.

Lancaster ranch has a brood mare band that has babies yearly, and has a resident trainer and staff that facilitates training at all levels. From getting yearlings broke, to 2yr olds, to 3yr old futurity horses, to successful show horses, we have bought and sold some of the best in the business.

RL Losing Sleep

Mare | 2016
Smokin’ Aces X Spoonful of Rosie

Has an amazing amount of cow and can really spread her legs and kill the ground. Pure open horse. Quick and strong.

RL Royal Ace Of Hearts

Mare | 2016
Smokin’ Aces X Royal Andrina

Has an incredible presence. Just trotting across the pen. Super cowy. Fancy fancy. Good stopper, pretty mover. Very athletic.

RL Ace Of Diamonds

Mare | 2016
Smokin Aces X Starberry Cat

Big motor. Loads of cow. Really pretty mover. Big stop. Pure open horse. Big and strong. Super super quick.

RL Bobby Boucher

Gelding | 2014
Boon San X Stylish Baby Doll

Won $53,400 in earnings. Filed in open and non-pro events. Bobby is a special horse who has the ability to draw in a turn and bring the cow to him so he can trap it. Big move. Incredible stop. One of the top horses out there.

RL Drop The Mic

Gelding | 2015
Catty Hawk X So Lets Hope

Big gelding. Tons of style. Pretty mover. Big stop. You can really “kick him”. Easy to ride and very balanced.

RL Straight Aces

Stallion | 2016
Smokin’ Aces X So Lets Hope

Pure freak. Once-in-a-lifetime horse. Futurity finalist. Caliber horse.

RL Dynamite Girl

Mare | 2016
Smokin’ Aces X MH Dynos Tonette

Going to finish really early. Super nice. Cowy. Super easy to ride. Big stop. Everything is easy for her.

RL Ace of Hearts

Mare | 2016
Smokin’ Aces X Lizzabella Rose

Great 3yr old. Huge stop. Really Cowy. Going to be a really nice horse. Kills the ground. Great mover. Going to finish early.

Poosmal Lights Up

Starberry Cat

Royal Andrina

Mare | 2007
CD Lights x Poosmal

Mare | 2006
WR This Cats Smart x Dashing Starlight

Mare | 2006
Royal Fletch x Uno Mermaid

Royal Andrina

Lizzabella Rose

Sugar Lights

Mare | 2006
Royal Fletch x Uno Mermaid

Mare | 2006
Lizzys Gotta Player x Stylish Mom

Mare | 2006
CD Lights x Sugar Dox Com

Spoonful of Rosie

Spoonfula Style

MH Dynos Tonette

Mare | 2003
Hes A Peptospoonful x Freckle Rose

Mare | 2003
Hes A Peptospoonful x Keep Me In Style

Mare | 2002
Little Dyno x Cherry Tonette

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